Gara the little pest childEdit

Gara is a pournce child of Maxim aka Gaara and Alice aka Sasuko he is a little pest when you know him and is very life like, little "Gaara". gaara has all so Shown some of little Gara to his moves, everyone gets very confused cause "Gara" and "Gaara look a lot like, like father and son, lot like.


  • Optim jutsu
  • Scary jutsu
  • Sexy JUTSU!
  • Poof jutsu
  • Half blend girl jutsu

Jutsu otherEdit

Gara's jutsu are very known well but sometimes people take them as a pain.

When he was bornEdit

When Gara was born he was all was getting in too trouble at school with Iruka-sensei they all was Fighted with each other. its kinda in a childish way,